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Algoma, Wisconsin
Painted in 2007 by Nancie Phillips and Muriel Williamson
Photographed by Rod Ness of Hermantown, Minnesota
"Margaret" mural in Algoma, WI
Rod Ness

Algoma, Wisconsin is located on the shores of Lake Michigan about 31 miles northeast of Green Bay. Unusual in the fact that its inspiration is a real boat, this mural depicts a scene from the local fishing industry. The white boat in the mural is the currently dry-docked fish tug "Margaret" pictured below. Fish tugs arose as way of enabling fishermen to work in the extreme cold and windy conditions they frequently encounter on the Great Lakes. Here's a great article about the history of fish tugs.

An early name for Algoma was Ahnapee. Ahnapee was famous for building ships that could navigate the narrow rivers that surround Lake Michigan. It was also the home of the first "Tree Captains," mariners who delivered fresh Christmas trees to the ports of Milwaukee and Chicago at the turn of the century. Here's a fascinating account of some of these early voyages, and here's a great list of links about maritime history on the Great Lakes.

A fish tug called Margaret
Rod Ness

More murals in Algoma

The "Margaret" mural is located on the Algoma Mercantile building on 4th Street and Steele. More about the artist

A local art gallery with a variety of exhibits


Photographed by Rod Ness, 9/4/07
Posted on RoadTrip America 09/07

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