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Roadside Murals

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Painted in June, 1982, by Glen Ehlinger
Near Green Island, Iowa
Photographed by Rod Ness of Hermantown, Minnesota
Mooney Hollow Fiddle
Rod Ness
Judy Ness provides scale for the Mooney Hollow Fiddle near Green Island, Iowa

This fiddle painted on the side of a former grain silo marks the spot of an unusual musical events venue on the Great River Road. Mooney Hollow Reception Hall and Saloon is about thirty-five miles south of Dubuque, Iowa near the Mississippi River. The barn and silo date back to 1932, when they were part of the Mooney family farm.

Mooney Hollow Fiddle
Rod Ness

In the mid-1970s, Russ Hayward, a subsequent owner of the barn and silo, began putting on concerts for local music lovers. The audience had to climb a ladder climb a ladder in the barn to the loft over the dairy cows to watch. Hayward commissioned the fiddle painting in 1982. Increasing popularity has led to an expansion of the facility and the construction of a dedicated dance floor. Now, the reception hall can accommodate 600 people, and a saloon has been added. Concerts and other special events are held regularly, and there are barn dances just about every Saturday night.

Mooney Hollow Reception Hall and Saloon
12471 Hwy 52 S.
Miles, IA 52064

N 42° 08.438 W 090° 19.489

Photographed by Rod & Judy Ness 7/05/08
Posted on RoadTrip America 7/08

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