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Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs
The pools at Strawberry Park

Hot & warm poolsDifferent temps for different tastes, from 101 to 109 degrees Fahrenheit

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Simply put, an afternoon at Strawberry Park was an extraordinary experience. Maintenance was excellent: all the pools are drained and cleaned every week, and since there is constant flow of hot water, we found the pools very clean and inviting. All the pools have cleverly positioned stone benches to allow comfortable lounging at the various temperatures. There were lounge chairs and Adirondack-styled wooden deck chairs placed around to enable cool-downs. The admission fee is a very reasonable $10 per adult (discounts for children), and the pools are open from 10:00 am until late at night. (Click here for hours.) After dark, it is "clothing optional," and the resort will make arrangements for after-hours soaking for additional fees. The best thing -- if you can find a way to get there, the pools will be hot and waiting for you. Regardless of weather, the resort is open 365 days a year.

One final word about the driving conditions -- we visited the first weekend in June and found the road "interesting," with a couple of slippery corners, but not all that challenging. In fact, the parking lot was populated with both two-wheel passenger cars and high-clearance 4-WD mud-creepers. The parking lot is pretty small, so on busy summer days, I would suggest using the shuttle services. The drive up and down the mountain is gorgeous with rushing streams, lush vegetation, and striking views of the surrounding mountains. Looks like a great place for a future roadtrip rendezvous…


Strawberry Park Hot Springs
44200 County Road 36
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80487


The resort has some tent sites and there is camping available in the National Forest lands surrounding the resort.

Mark Sedenquist
June 12, 2005

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