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Mark C. Sedenquist


Mark Sedenquist
Mark C. Sedenquist is founder, publisher, and managing editor of RoadTrip America®. He welcomes comments and suggestions for improving this site as well as submissions of original photographs to RoadTrip America's Funny Road Signs department. (Click here for submission guidelines.)

Born on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park, Mark holds an A.B in Environmental Sciences from UC Berkeley, fought fire with the U.S. Forest Service, and has held certifications in hazardous management and disaster response for the American Red Cross. An off-road enthusiast, he is always eager to follow dirt roads to the horizon and beyond. His continuing mission is to help as many people as possible experience great North American road trips, whether on Interstate highways, country byways, or even from the comfort of an armchair.

Mark Sedenquist

In addition to being an avid road tripper, Mark is a seasoned event manager and logistician with nearly thirty years of experience in event marketing, real estate management, and retail sales and promotions. Co-founder of Flattop Productions, Inc., he is RoadTrip America's media spokesperson and event coordinator. As the Road Wirer, Mark writes about the state of the "wireless Web" and provides solutions and suggestions for dashboarders. He also reviews books and equipment of interest to North American road trippers, and he shares trip planning ideas in the "Getting Out There" essay series. In addition, he coordinates the RTA Guides and Contributors.


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