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Soap Box Derby!
Update 06/03: Click here for more info about Soapbox Derbies all over the U.S., and click here for photos of portable ramps.

Monrovia, California —

Monrovia's first Soap Box Classic attracted over 150 entries in several divisions, from Kiddie to No-Holds-Barred. The only thing the vehicles all had in common was that they were gravity-driven.

Sleek model
A sleek model attracts admirers

Two shiny entries
On the left, the car sponsored by the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce
Pit Row
"Pit Row"
Two young competitors
Two competitors in the "under 10" category head for the ramp
Grease monkey
A young mechanic applies WD-40 to his car's axles
Top of the ramp
Two competitors at the top of the ramp

Cody Duncan, Driver
Cody Duncan, a fifth grader at Wildrose School, prepares to pilot a racing bear built by his father, Chris Duncan.
Preparing to roll...
Racers prepare to roll
Finish line in sight...
Bearing down on the finish line!
Checkered Flag
Checkered flags at the finish line

May, 1998