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Big Rigs with Style & Shine!

Las Vegas, Nevada—

Big RigsSuper tractors with extra bells & whistles meet at a truck show in Las Vegas

"Show & Shine," where participants display their custom tractors and trailers for the edification of all comers, is a popular event at the ITS annual truck show (even in 110-degree weather!) Below are just a few of the rolling wonders on exhibit in the parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center on Friday, June 30, 2000.

"Paddy Wagon"
This "Paddy Wagon" is "protected by Smith & Wesson"

Trucker's RV
Trucker's RV

A glamorous Peterbilt outshines the Las Vegas Hilton

Fancy Big Rig
This rig is complete with "always on" satellite TV and lavish living quarters

Big Red
We don't know how the horses fare, but their drivers travel in luxury!

Hybrid Big Rig
This vintage hybrid wasn't in the show, but it was worth a photo anyway!

June 30, 2000