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Virginia City, Nevada
Joyce & Chester Petrocchi
Joyce and Chester Petrocchi, managers of Water Company Antiques, are standing in the doorway of the building that once housed the offices of Virginia City's water company. It was constructed in 1874. Beginning in 1873, the Virginia City & Gold Hill Water Company built a 21-mile system of flumes, reservoirs, tunnels, and high-pressure pipes to carry water from Lake Marlette in the Sierra Nevadas to Virginia City.
Safe Door

The water system cost $1 million to construct, and, with improvements made in 1963, it is still in use today.

The built-in safe pictured at the left is one two still in place in the Water Company Building. Its door boasts a hand-painted mural of Yosemite Valley. The building also has original carved marble fireplaces and walnut counters.