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On the Road Again with Biodiesel, by Alice Zyetz
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There are a number of people making their own biodiesel. In addition, a number of Web sites offer guidance as well as a proliferation of online forums. Former RVer Larry Crutcher decided to make his own fuel. He says, "I have not produced any yet and definitely will not be selling it. I am building a batch processor and will make fuel for my own use, but to sell it requires much state and federal involvement at a very high cost. My interest is more about the science involved and also to see how economically I can produce my own fuel."

Crutcher does not recommend that traveling RVers make their own fuel. They would need a "fixed location to collect and process biodiesel. It would be possible to make a mobile processor plant that is very small scale, but probably not worth the effort and mess."

Larry's comments about not wanting to sell are echoed by other individuals. There are too many rules and regulations involved with the business of selling the fuel, and most people prefer to leave that to the larger businesses. Even when you produce biodiesel only for personal use, there are critical safety guidelines and city ordinances that must be followed. If you have any interest in this, do your homework first.

Here is Larry's list of online resources:

Finally, although biodiesel fuel production is in its infancy, the industry is growing rapidly and should have a greater impact in the next few years -- not just for RVers but for anyone who has a diesel-powered engine. In this world of rapidly rising oil prices and continued strife in the oil-producing countries, America must look to renewable resources that can be produced at home and will be good for the environment.

Alice Zyetz

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