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Field & Stream Sporting Vehicles Handbook, by Slaton L. White

Everyone who is considering leaving the pavement to head for the distant horizon should read Slaton L. White's new book. The Field & Stream Sporting Vehicles Handbook is like a perfect set of "Cliff's Notes" for mechanically-challenged off-road wannabes. Unlike most 4x4 enthusiasts, who count their off-road experiences in days or even weeks each year, we have been fortunate to live for nearly seven years in the Phoenix One.

Although only a portion of that time would count as being truly off-road, it has afforded us plenty of hard lessons and driver-induced break-downs. Many of those lessons might have been prevented if the editor of Field and Stream magazine had published his book in 1994 instead of 2000, (and if I had taken his message to heart).

I found his explanations about the effects of heat on engine performance very helpful and look forward to being able to speak to our mechanic as if I know what I'm talking about. More importantly, Slaton provides plenty of real-life experiences that all weekend road warriors can use to enhance their own off-road enjoyment and safety.

The author has included a series of black & white and color photographs to augment the valuable lessons in this book. This is the first field guide I have read that held my attention as tightly as any best-selling novel. Slaton targeted this book to fisherman and hunters, but anyone interested in high-performance automotive equipment will be intrigued, inspired, and well informed after reading The Field & Stream Sporting Vehicles Handbook.


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