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Sam's Letters to Jennifer, by James Patterson

Sam's Letters to Jennifer
Since I still associate James Patterson with thrillers like Along Came a Spider, it's hard for me to get used to the idea that he's also good at writing love stories. Sam's Letters to Jennifer is exactly that, the story of two women, the men they love, and their love for each other. This audio version is the ideal way to enjoy the intertwined tales, and it's a great road trip accompaniment.

Sam is Jennifer's grandmother. When an accident leaves Sam in a coma, Jennifer, a young newspaper columnist, travels to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, to be at her side. She stays at her grandmother's house, where she discovers a sheaf of letters addressed to her. Sam, it turns out, wrote them to tell Jennifer the true story of her life, a tale that includes some surprising secrets. She also wants to help Jennifer get over the tragic death of her husband Danny and the subsequent loss of their unborn child. Thus Patterson's book is three love stories in one. It's Sam's account, through her letters, of the love of her life. We also hear, in Jennifer's words, about the relationship she develops with a childhood friend who is also spending the summer at Lake Geneva. Through it all is the story of Sam and Jennifer, who share an unusual bond.

Anne Heche and Jane Alexander make this CD version of Sam's Letters to Jennifer truly outstanding. Heche performs the sections narrated by Jennifer while Alexander reads Sam's letters. Their interpretations bring the story to life, and the production includes musical punctuation that enhances the whole experience. I have no doubt that this is a pleasant book to read, but it's truly a delight to experience it through the performances of these two talented actresses.


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