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Motorcycle Journeys Throughout the Southwest:You Don't Have to Get Lost to Find the Good Roads, by Martin C. Berke

Although this excellent guidebook is now nearly eight years old, much of the information is still timely and useful. Martin Berke, who also authored Motorcycle Journeys Through New England, outlines itineraries for sixty-six rides in the Four Corners area of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. The format for each of the routes is structured around a summary that includes the total distance, map routing and extensive notes about places to explore on the way.

Some of the restaurant and lodging selections along the routes provide evidence of the engagingly eccentric personality of the author. The book is full of interesting history tidbits and provides readers with plenty of ideas to extend their personal exploration of the southwest region. It makes a great companion book to Gary McKechnie's Great American Motorcycle Tours, which won an award for travel journalism in 2001.

Mark Sedenquist



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