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Backroads of Oregon: Your Guide to Oregon's Most Scenic Backroad Adventures, by Rhonda Ostertag and George Ostertag

Backroads of Oregon

Over the last decade I have cris-crossed much of Oregon on extended road trips and have long considered the "Beaver State" to be part of my personal backyard. It was, therefore, with some surprise that I found so many places that I had never heard of described in Backroads of Oregon: Your Guide to Oregon's Most Scenic Backroad Adventures. The most amazing thing to me is that I have been on many of the thirty-one backroads profiled in this new book by Rhonda and George Ostertag, and I still had missed some of these very cool places. It just goes to show the value of good guidebooks like this one.

The authors have divided the state into five regions and provided tips and suggestions for following five or six off-the-beaten-path road trips in each one. Some of the routes are well-known to most visitors, like the Pacific Coast Scenic byway or the loop through Hell's Canyon. But other trips, like the one that in the Four Craters Wilderness area that goes past Fort Rock near Christmas Valley and up to the incomparable geologic feature Crack-in-the-Ground, are definite paths-less-taken.

As in the other volumes in the Voyageur Press's Pictorial Discovery Guide series, like Backroads of Southern California and Backroads of Washington, the photos in this very entertaining guide book are stunning and inspired an instant yen to hit the road in a Pacific northwesterly direction. The next time I actually am planning a trip a trip to anywhere in Oregon, I know I will find this book very useful in finding those out-of-the-way places that a casual visitor only finds occasionally. Two previously unfamiliar places described in this book that are accessible from roads that I thought I knew include Fishhawk Falls near Astoria and the Smelt Sands State recreation area near Cape Perpetua -- an enchanting place of crashing winter waves this book has added to my must-see list.

Backroads of Oregon does a wonderful job of providing information about little-known fresh-water angling locations and plenty of tips for finding trails for exploring on foot. The book also includes some excellent maps and a good collection of historical photographs that meld well with the current-day route suggestions. There are some great road shots and we believe you will enjoy taking a virtual road trip through some of Oregon's most scenic locations.

Mark Sedenquist

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