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10-Minute Tech, Volume 2: Over 600 Time and Money Saving Ideas from Fellow RVers, Trailer Life Books

10 Minute Tech, Volume 2

10-Minute Tech: Over 600 Time and Money-Saving Ideas from Fellow RVers is the second volume (Click here for Volume 1click here for volume 1) of tips and suggestions culled from the thousands that have been submitted to Trailer Life magazine in recent years. Reading it cover-to-cover should be required reading for anyone considering purchasing an RV or contemplating living in one full-time. The ingenious solutions to everyday challenges as well as situations you might never encounter make good, fast reading, and they encourage the creative problem solving every RVer needs to cultivate.

One of the best features of the book is the clear illustration by Bill Tipton. His depiction of the "hidden" kitty litter box in a fifth-wheel trailer and the "poor man's bug zapper" are as valuable as the accompanying text.

Reading 10-Minute Tech often elicits the response, "I never would have thought of that!" Consider the ingenuity of collecting the water condensation from rooftop air conditioners to use as distilled water in batteries, or constructing a campfire in reverse order (kindling on the top) as a means of achieving better smoke control. Would you have thought of using an ordinary bike rack as a convenient way to store outdoor chairs? How about screen repair with little dabs of Elmer's glue, or using a 2-foot-long 1"x2" piece of wood as a lever to position the spare when changing tires? The title is accurate in its claim of "time- and money-saving."

This book is an enjoyable read even when you're nowhere near an RV, and a valuable asset when you're on the road in one.

Mark Sedenquist

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