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West-FFH-24-Houston to Briarbend Paddle, Katy, Texas

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Welcome to the RTA Custom Maps Library! If you don’t see a blue line route and some colored flag markers on the map pane above, please turn off the pop-up blocker on your browser. (In some browsers, this requires enabling pop-up windows. You must enable pop-up windows to view and save RTA Library Maps.) If you are using a Mac and are having troubles printing, please click here for assistance.

The map above is part of a collection of routes and attractions in North America developed by RoadTrip America contributing writers. Every route and attraction in this Maps Library has been selected and curated as being of extra-special interest to road trippers. By no means do these maps include every possible lodging option, dining option, or road trip attraction -- just the ones chosen by the RTA writers based on their personal tastes. Some of these maps are based on routes found in the travel books published by Imbrifex Books.  If you have found this page by following links for Fly Fishing Austin & Central Texas, Base Camp Las Vegas, Base Camp Denver, and/or Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips, you are in the right spot. If you look at the map above, you'll see that the blue line is the route and the flag icons are some of the points of interest and attractions along the route. You can click on any of the colored flags for more information about these places. (You can also click on the light blue marker to see some information about the route itself.)

You can customize and resave any of the RTA Library Maps to create your own road trip itinerary. Once you’ve saved a map, (see the next paragraph), it will be saved in the "My Maps" list on your page. You can share your custom maps with friends and family and/or print them. All RTA custom mapping tools are free with free registration.

To create and save a custom map: Complete your free registration and log in. (Registration is required to allow you to save and retrive your custom maps.) If you don’t have an account with RTA already, please complete the registration here.

1. Navigate to the "Advanced Maps" tab on (or click here) and look at the left-hand side of the page. You will see a box labeled “RTA Maps Library.” Scroll through the list until you find one that has the same name as the one found at the top of this page. (Hint: The first word in the map name is a geographic designation that makes it easier to scroll through the list and find the map you are looking for. For example: “West”)

2. Click on the number link to open a map pane that looks very similar to the one you were first looking at. On this new pane, you'll find some tools for adding "Custom Places." Scroll down this page for instructions on how to create your own Custom Places. (Note that the icons for Custom Places look like map pins, while the RTA Library Attractions look like flags.)

3. At this point, you can save your map by filling in a map name of your choosing. Your map will now be listed in your personal collection of maps in the “My Maps” section.

4. You can create a new map based on the original RTA Library Map + your new Custom Places by using the “Waypoint” tools.
A. Click on "Add Waypoint" and then on a Custom Place marker or one of the RTA Library Markers to add a route waypoint. The waypoint's name will now appear in the list of "Current waypoints."
B. Repeat step A to add as many waypoints as you wish -- up to a limit of 23 plus the start and ending locations.
C. Follow steps A and B above in "Automatic Route" to enter your beginning and ending addresses. Click "Find route from addresses." Your route will appear as a blue line, and the start of the route will be identified by a blue marker. Note: The resulting blue line route might not follow the exact route of the RTA Library Maps because there is a limitation on the number of waypoints available (23 waypoints plus the beginning and ending locations), but the resulting map will be very similar to the original RTA Library Map. First you will save the Route. And then name the map and save it in your “My Maps” account. You can edit this map and resave it as many times as you wish.

* If you read post #1 in this thread, there is a further explanation about how the Waypoint Map Creation process works. If you have questions or need help please send email to