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Safe Driving: Tips & Resources


Drive Safe with Uncle Bob: RoadTrip America's defensive driving tips written by professional driving instructor Robert Schaller

Do You Have Road Rage? Take this quiz to find out. This site is full of suggestions for improving driving skills and includes an innovative program for reporting discourteous and dangerous divers in North America. (9/5/04)

Online Driver Education Firms & Programs

Awake at the WheelAwake at the Wheel: Alertness Solutions sells an Alertness Driving Guide workbook and CD ($20) that provides some useful tips and suggestions. We found the workbook to be especially helpful in determining how much sleep a person should get and how quickly sleep deprivation can affect a driver's performance on the road. The program lists some useful tips for improving driver alertness while on the road. The presentation of the material (also provided in the workbook) on the CD primarily provides a source of irritation (in this editor's opinion) that might be useful in staying awake as well. (6/27/04)

Drowsy Driving: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration examines factors commonly associated with drowsy-driving crashes and passes along some helpful tips to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. You'll also find several resources and learn what NHTSA is doing to help eliminate this risky behavior.(12/11/21)

Mothers Against Drunk Driving - MADD: Since its founding in 1980, MADD has supported and actively waged political war against the practice of driving while intoxicated. Today, there are over 600 chapters and Citizen Action Teams in all 50 states and affiliate organizations in Guam, Canada and Puerto Rico. (6/27/04)

Pre-Road-Trip Car Care: Tips & car conditioning suggestions for travel to the beach, mountains, and deserts. (5/02/04, updated 6/08/19)

Online Driver Education Firms
Note: RoadTrip America does not endorse any of these programs, but we provide links to those that serve most or all of the USA as service to our readership.

Teen Driving Course, based in Santa Monica, California, provides fee-based online instruction for obtaining driving licenses, practice DMV tests and an informational DVD called "Rules of the Road" that meets the licensing requirements of most, if not all, of USA state requirements.

Traffic School Online, based in Santa Rosa, California, has been providing courses online since 1997 to clear traffic citations around the country, obtain license point reductions (which can lower insurance premiums) and providing defensive driving instruction. They also provide first-time driver education programs in Florida and California.

I Drive Safely, based in Solano Beach, California, provides online traffic school, defensive driving, commercial fleet instruction, and a child and passenger safety course.

Driving Directory provides online driving programs limited mainly to Florida, but we have included them because of the FREE driving quizzes (both signs and traffic rules) and the extensive list of traffic schools, performance driving programs, truck driving schools and links to all of the USA DMV offices found on this site. You may well be surprised by how many of the questions you answer incorrectly on the quizzes. The RTA editor certainly was!


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