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    Hey guys!!
    So I've wrote here before and you guys really helped me out, but I still have some answered questions.
    I'm an international and I am arriving to the states around the middle of March. I will be staying in New York for about a week, then Florida for another 10 days and from there I'm planning to take a flight to Washington DC with my bf...from Washington DC we are renting a car and going North to Pittsburgh which will be the final stop,for approx. 2 weeks. The stops that we planned are Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, then drive up to Mystic CT, from there Newport RH, then Boston and the surrounding areas, then drive back to Pittsburgh with a stop at the Alleghany National Park. Does the route seem reasonable to do it in two weeks? is it going to be enough? what about the weather? I don't live in the states, so I can only imagine how the weather would be there at that time of the year.
    Thanks for all the help, and if anyone has any great advice for us (attractions to see on the way and etc. /change our destinations, etc.) you are more than welcome.

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    Default northeast US

    Judging by the places you're going (Newport, Boston, Amish Country), I'm guessing you like history. So here are some suggestions:
    Harpers Ferry, West Virginia -
    This is a town dating to the Revolutionary War. It's in a breathtaking
    location in a gap in the Blue Ridge Mts, and the downtown looks much like it
    did 200 yrs ago. There are some great small museums about the town's
    history, focusing on Harpers Ferry's role in the Civil War.
    Salem, Massachusetts - this is 30 minutes north of Boston. It's one of the
    oldest towns in the country, dating back 400 years. There are still lots of
    original buildings, not to mention 2 museums of note. The Peabody Essex
    Museum is a world-renowned art museum, and the Salem Witch Museum
    documents the famous Salem Witch trials. I love old, historic, quaint towns
    that aren't too touristy and this is one of my favorites.
    Boston's North End - I know you said you're going to Boston, and odds are
    you'll probably hit up North End (Boston's old Italian district). Most tourists
    focus on Hanover Street which is North End's main drag. My advice is head
    over to Salem Street. It's quieter, and unlike the bigger Hanover Street,
    Salem Street really gives the feel of wandering through the tight alleys and
    narrow streets of the pre-car era. And there are still tons of Italian
    restaurants, cafes, bakeries, etc, but the ones on Salem Street are small
    and quaint.
    Woodstock, New York - in upstate New York on your way from Boston to the
    Alleghenies. Woodstock is the home of the famous Woodstock concerts of
    1969 and 1994. The town is now an artist community with lots of cute
    shops and bed and breakfasts.
    Owego, New York - this is a tiny town along Highway 17 in upstate New
    York. It's very small but worth the stop just to look around. The approach
    from highway 17 is really something - there's a beautiful bridge over the
    Susquehanna River that the town straddles. Once you cross the bridge
    there's a lovely courthouse square, and to the right is the historic business
    district which is nice just to explore for an hour or so. Owego is fairly
    unknown but it's a real piece of Americana.
    I didn't mention Philadelphia or New York City but both those are within your
    travel trajectory as well. If you visit New York make sure to walk the foot
    path onto the Brooklyn Bridge. I rank the view of Manhattan from there to
    be the 2nd best view in urban America. By the way, the best view in urban
    America in my opinion is from Mount Washington in Pittsburgh, so make
    sure to ride the incline up there while you're in town.
    Happy travels!

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    travel_monkeys Guest

    Default weather

    Oh, and by the way, March is very much still winter in the northeast US. There's a good chance there will be snow, and the only trees with leaves will be the evergreens. Dress warm.

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