Hello All,
Boy, I'm so pleased I found this board!! Am planning to take my Mom (she's 81 and I'm 55) on one heck of a road trip this June. Have 36 days planned so far, starting in Northern Florida and driving to Oceanside, CA. She & my Dad lived there in the mid 1940's when he was in the Marines. He passed away a couple years back and she hasn't been back to Oceanside since they moved away in 1945. Am wondering if anyone is familar with Oceanside and could recommend a nice (but on the budget side) place to stay for a few days. Mom doesn't remember much other than they lived in little trailers right on the beach very close to Camp Pendleton. I'm sure all of the trailers are gone but am in hopes she will recognize some of the landmarks.

On the way from Florida (driving I-10), we plan to see The Alamo (San Antonio) and visit Roswell, NM -- I'm a huge sci fi fan. Other than that, it's up in the air for visits if someone has suggestions.

From Oceanside, we plan to drive to Sequoia National Forest on the to Las Vegas for a few days. Then down to Bryce Canyon and over to Cortez, CO to visit relatives (yeah, we HAD to work the relatives in). From there up to Cheyenee, WY and over to Rapid City, SD for a few days at Mount Rushmore. On the tail end of the trip we are just heading to my home in Wake Forest, NC then back to Florida.

I know this is long but, any good travel pointers would be most welcomed. Hopefully, on the driving days we can keep it to no more than 500 miles daily.