Hi. My two best friends and I are planning on taking a cross-country trip this coming summer. We had planned to do it last year, but we had to work to get money to spend during the college school year. This year, we are set with money, or at least as set as we are going to be anytime soon. We are located in upstate New York and we would like the trip to last 2-3 weeks. Since I am obviously new to the whole "travelling across the country" bit, I need some help planning an itinerary, finding out the approximate cost of the trip, what we should bring, ect. What we should bring shouldn't be a problem. We plan to drive early in the morning, then hanging out wherever we are throughout the day and into the night. By my calculations, we would have to drive about 5 hours a day to make it back in 2-3 weeks. We only plan to stay in a hotel once or twice, and that is when we are in a city. We think that we can live off of about 10 to 15 dollas a day on food (yes, they are very cheap). Furthermore, here are the places we would like to go, in no particular order:

Las Vegas
Badlands NP
Glacier NP
Yellowstone or Yosemite NP
Grand Canyon (Flagstaff?)
Big Sur
Pacific Coast Highway
Aspen (my friend wants to...i'm not really sure why)
San Fran.
A pretty part of Montana...sorry for being so general

There are so many things we want to do...I mean, all cities would be cool, national parks would be awesome, bars, nice restaurants...I mean, all 3 of us are 20-21, so, we're cool with anything. Honestly, if anyone gives me any help via email or through this message board, I would be more than delighted. I really want this trip to go through more than anything. Thank you so much if you can give us any help.