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    Hello All,

    I am going to be driving from San Francisco to Denver in a few days. I am doing an express route, no time to sight see. With the winter weather being what it is, I was told to go to look into a southern route.

    I am familiar with winter driving and have 4WD, but am looking for the fastest and safest route.

    Any suggestions? 80 north to Cheyanne and down to denver or ?????

    Thanks in advance

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    Doesn't look like there are any big storms coming in the next week so I80 or I70 should be fine.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Ed, clearly the fastest route is I-80 to Cheyenne and then I-25 down to Denver. Also, this year Wyoming has been relatively snow free while Colorado has experienced average to above average snowfall, again arguing in favor of the I-80 route. As someone familiar with winter driving, you know that on any given day you could be hit with a major storm anywhere in the Rockies, so there are no guarantees, and I'm sure you know enough, even with 4WD,not to press on regardless. Even an old hand like yourself, though, might pick up a tidbit from our winter driving tips. Best of luck.


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