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    I am blocking out 2 weeks this summer for a much needed road trip. I would love to do a loop from Portland to Glacier NP, up to Jasper, AB, over to Vancouver, then back to Portland. I think its probably too much to do and explore in such little time, but it encompasses alot of what I have wanted to see for a long time.

    First, is this possible? I was thinking of spending 2-3 nights/days in each Glacier, Banff/Lake Louis/Jasper, Vancouver, and hoping to have time to explore on the drive from Vancouver to Portland (going to either Cascades or Olympic along the way). I think its probably just too much.

    My next question is if I was to choose an area, I'm guessing I'd either do a loop from Portland to Vancouver and back, or somehow doing the Glacier/Waterton to Jasper trip (with the possibility of Vancouver in there).

    What are people's thoughts on these ideas? I love the idea of doing the whole thing, but theres probably too much to see/explore and the areas probably deserve separate trips.

    Any and all thoughts and ideas are welcomed. Thanks for the help.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Actually, I think the route and timing you've laid out is generally pretty good, and will make a great two week trip. Just be aware that your transits between locations might take somewhat more than a day, leaving you a little less than two days at each place. If that's OK with you, then go for it. I've done both a week in Banff, and a drive through of most of the rest of what you have in mind, and both were immensely enjoyable experiences. I think you're in for a treat.


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    Be sure to check out this recent post for some great hints on what to see and do in Vancouver.


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