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    My husband and I are taking the kids (9 & 12) on a road trip this summer heading west. I haven't been out in that direction since I was a kid. Had a blast on my road trip, and would like to provide the same experience for the kids. If anyone has suggestions for interesting sites/towns, places to stay, etc., I would be most interested in hearing them!! We'll probably hit Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone and/or the Grand Canyon, depending on how much time we end up having. We for sure have a week. Possibly 10-12 days. Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Family Attractions

    Road Greetings Sandi and welcome to The Great American RoadTrip Forum!

    My husband and I are taking the kids (9 & 12) on a road trip this summer heading west
    For starters you could take a look at our Family Trip Planning Page.

    We'll probably hit Mt. Rushmore
    A few attractions on your way :

    Green Giant Statue, Blue Earth, MN;
    Badlands National Park, SD
    Corn Palace, Mitchell, SD;
    Walldrug, Wall, SD

    Also, I remember seing some waterslides in the Black Hills area a few miles from Mt Rushmore. That might be a great opportunity to "cool down" after a long day on the road...and the kids will most likely enjoy it too:-)

    Happy planning!

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    Default Please, More Time and Less Distance

    I too, have great memories of road trips out west when I was a kid, but for me 'out west' was Wisconsin! The one thing I'd ask you to keep in mind is that I doubt that what you remember from your trips is being couped up in the car, but rather all the neat things you did along the way. I'm afraid that even with 12 days, the Grand Canyon would require just too much driving to be enjoyable. If you stick to Yellowstone (and the Grand Tetons) as your goal or turn-around point, then you can actually spend some quality time at the places Gen has suggested as well as some of the following

    Devil's Tower National Monument
    Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
    Chimney Rock National Historic Site
    Scotts Bluff National Monument

    BTW - There's nothing that says the kids can't learn something while having fun!


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