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    So yeah im planning on backpacking through Europe '09 or 2010. For sure stops include; Ireland, Rome, Paris, Venice, Madrid & London. info on hostels, that internation student card, even mayb advice on things you mightve done while there...ANYTHING WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED haha thanks

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    Hi there,
    Much like the driving across America, there are lots and lots of options. How long are you planning on taking it? How do you plan of travel? Flights, bus, train driving? My friend and I inter-railed round a couple of years ago for a month. We did paris-Brussellss-Amsterdam-Munich-Llubljana-Croatia (a few islands)-Vienna-Venice-Naples-Rome-Umbria-Florence-Monaco-Nice. All were amazing apart from Naples. Quite a dirty city, though the tourist attractions such as Pompei ir Herculeneum nearby are fabulous. I have since visited Prague.

    She is from England and I am from Northern Ireland, so we didnt obviously need to see those. I should warn you that the Irish sea is very expensive to cross. If you dont plan to pre book much and want to to it off-the-cuff, I would highly recommend that you book this journey as it much cheaper booking in advance. Well worth a visit though.

    If you give me a rough idea of where you would like to go I can give you more specifics if you wish. Paris and Rome are certainly great choices, it would be a shame to go that far and not see at least one city. Get up early to get in the queue to go see the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, the crowds gather quickly!!

    Hope this helps a bit as a start

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