New to this forum with a few questions and or suggestions. Myself and my gf will be travelling to Seattle from Toronto by plane and renting a car and driving down the coasts of Wash. Ore. and Cali. Using various routes but mainly 101/1. Has anyone did this trip? I have read a few posts on here but would like some suggestions on where to stay/eat/how long it would take/ places that are a must see or must stay away. We will have approx. 13 days to drive and visit areas along the way. Also it will be last week in Aug and the 1st week of Sept. Is that peak tourist season? I really didn't want to pre book alot of places to stay because we don't want to be bound by having to be somewhere by a certain day/time. I would like to do it as we go. Is that asking too much? Should I pre-book some places? Any suggestions or comments would be great.