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    I will be driving from Washington to South Carolina at the end of March. I need to get there in one to two weeks, and don't want to spend the entire time on highways. Does anyone have any suggested routes or places to stop?

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    Greetings, E and L, and welcome to the forum!

    Interstates aren't all bad. There are some interstates with fantastic views and fun roads to drive. However, if you really want to avoid them entirely, you can. And, with 2 weeks, you have time to take the roads less traveled.

    I don't know your start point and destination but, for fun, I ran a route from Seattle, WA, to Columbia, SC, avoiding interstates and toll roads. Here's what it came up with.

    From Seattle, take Hwy 2 all the way to Minot, ND. Then 52, 281, 12, 75, 212, 59, 14, 71, 4, and 18 to Algona, Iowa. Then 169, 92, 65, 34, 218, 61 and 136 to just east of Empire, IL. Then 150, 45, 36, 150, 1, 64 and 41 to Evansville, IN. Then 66 and 231 to just west of Scottsville, KY. Then 31, 231 to Lebanon, TN. Then 70 and 321 to Gatlinburg, TN. Then 441, 19, 276, 64 and 176 to Columbia, SC.

    This route is 3200. It will probably take you about 64 hours to complete this drive. Easily done in 2 weeks but a tight trip in 1 week. Since none of this is on interstates or toll roads, the trip can be done avoiding them. However, that doesn't mean these aren't highways. Most are. It would take way more time than I have right now to come up with a route that is strictly on small, 2-lane roads. But, if you like this general route, you can probably come up with plenty of side-roads that parallel this route. Now, the question is, does this take you past anything you really want to see?

    I would start by looking at a map and figuring out what I really want to see, then figure out routes to get there that don't include interstates. If you'd like, come back here with some ideas of the stops you'd like to make and we can help you figure out the details.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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    Default One idea

    Welcome to the RTA Forum,

    If you only have a week, you really won't have a lot of time to get off the main highways. Depending upon where in WA and SC you are starting and stopping from, I imagine an all-freeway trip would still take at least 5 days assuming a moderate travel schedule. Two weeks does give you much more time to wander.

    If I was doing the trip in two weeks or so, and I was looking for a semi-direct route with a few back road diversions, I'd probably do something like this:

    I'd start taking I-90 into Montana, then cut south into Yellowstone, NP. From there, I'd head east again, eventually getting on I-90, but cutting off to drive through the Black hills and Badlands. I'd keep going west on I-90 through South Dakota, before heading south on I-29 to Sioux City. Then I'd take US 20 across Iowa, perhaps stopping at Field of Dreams or the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque. From there, I'd follow the Great River Road south, perhaps to Memphis, before then cutting back east and across Tennesee towards SC.

    Of course, that's just one out of hundreds of ideas you could come up with, depending upon how much time you actually have and what things you'd like to see.

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    Default Take US 12 and the Lincoln Highway

    I understand US 12 is a great drive. At some point drop down and drive the Lincoln for a great trip back into time. RoadDog

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