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    Default Vehicle Rental Question.....


    I am not too familiar with US cars/vans etc and wondered what would be the best vehicle to rent while we do our road trip in the US.

    There are going to be 7 of us with a large bag each, but we require a vehicle which has enough room for the people, but also one which has a boot(think its known as a trunk is USA) which has a cover for when we leave our backpacks etc.....anyone any ideas what sort/vehicle will be best suited?

    Any ideas will be much appreciated.

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    Default vans and trucks

    With 7 people, you pretty much have to go with either a full size van or an extra large SUV. I can't think of any car with a trunk, except a limousine, that can safely hold 7 people.

    While a van or an SUV won't have a trunk, they typically are designed to hide your cargo. Most will have features like tinted rear and side windows, or a retractable cover that can go over the cargo area of a vehicle.

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    Default How About a Twofer?

    As Michael has pointed out, you would need at lest a full sized van or full sized SUV to fit your entire crew and one backpack each into a single vehicle. However, this may not be your best option. Such a vehicle will rent for anywhere from $600 to $900 per week, and will get around 18 miles to the gallon of gas. By contrast a full sized car rents for about $200 to $300 per week and gets in the neighborhood of 23 miles per gallon. So, you might want to consider, unless there's some compelling reason you want to all travel in the same car, renting two full sized cars rather than one full sized van or SUV. Besides possibly being cheaper, it gives you the chance to vary whom you're couped up with on any given day, and the possibility of different groups doing different things,


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