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    We are from England and have just decided to do a road trip in the US - as our honeymoon...

    The plan so far is as follows:

    Arrive in US end of June
    Spend 3 weeks doing road trip
    Try to keep it as affordable as possible
    We are up for travelling and staying in camper van, motels, B&Bs...

    We are open to any suggestions such as places to go, routes to take, any MUST sees. So if you had 3 weeks to do a road trip, what would you do?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    The whole point of the traditional American road trip is the freedom it allows to do whatever YOU want. For some basic pointers on how to start planning, check our first things first page. Note that you don't have to come up with details right from the start, but any suggestions we might have would be a whole lot more to the point and useful to you once we know what you want out of the trip. We have to know at least where you'll be arriving/leaving from and what your interests are. What might be a "must see" to me could easily bore you.


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    Thanks, we read the first things first section first, and point three says to get as many ideas as you can from various sources.

    At this stage this is all we are trying to do. We'll start making our minds up about the details in due course, right now we have a blank piece of paper so suggestions welcome!

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    Default ...and Steps 1 and 2?

    OK - assuming all you're looking for are ideas, here are a few basic reasons people take road trips and what might suit each of those purposes for a 3 week trip.

    Natural Wonders - Maybe best served by a trip to the western states, Such a trip might include visits to Grand Canyon Arches and Yellowstone National Parks as well as a few other sights along the way.

    Historical - You might want to examine some of the places where your countrymen started new lives, such as Jamestown, Roanoke, Williamsburg, Plymouth; and a new country in Boston and Philadelphia.

    Musical - America is home to some unique musical styles, and many of these are associated with particular cities including Memphis, Nashville, Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago. New Orleans probably won't be ready for you by this spring.

    Romantic - There are a few traditional places Americans go for honeymoons such as Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. Each of these places caters to young people in love, but each is completely different from the other two. There are also any number of quieter out-of-the-way places where you can have most of your time alone in beautiful settings.

    So you see, you've got to define what you want out of the trip at some basic level before we can go much further.


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