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  1. Default Indianapolis to Los Angeles, by way of Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah and Lake Tahoe

    This is very last minute, but I need some suggestions.

    We are embarking on our first some what cross country trip tomorrow. We are headed for Los Angeles, CA, but we are hitting some friend's houses along the way. Does anyone have any tips on some beautiful drives and sweet stops between the following:

    Locust Grove, OK and Colorado Springs, CO
    Colorado Springs, CO and Salt Lake City, UT
    Salt Lake City, UT and Lake Tahoe, NV/CA
    Lake Tahoe NV/CA and San Francisco, CA
    San Francisco, CA and Los Angeles, CA

    Thanks for your help and I look forward to sharing some stories and pictures when we get back!

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    Default I think we missed you

    Quote Originally Posted by Stonefly42
    This is very last minute, but I need some suggestions.
    Sorry, we didn't see this until now. But I hope you have a grand adventure.


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