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    I'm planning on driving my Subaru back to university in about a week or so. I'm coming from San Francisco and need to end up in Southern Maine. What do people recommend for the best route weather wise and efficiency wise to make it across the country at this time of year. I would prefer not to get stuck in a lot of bad winter storms, but I may have no choice going to Maine this time of the year. Thanks!

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    I commuted between Portsmouth, NH and the University of Southern Maine for three years in a Subaru wagon (pre-Outback) and never had a lick of trouble. In fact I would often roll into work (Portsmouth) after driving the 50 miles down from Gorham through the snow only to take calls from people who lived 4 blocks away claiming they couldn't get in! My point is, you've got what I consider one of the best foul weather cars going. The other thing you can have going for you is to stick to the major Interstates (I-80 to Chicago, I-90 to Boston, I-95 up to Maine). These roads will be the best maintained of any that you could choose. Now, both those points having been made, it will still be up to you to keep an eye on the weather as you progress eastward and not be tempted to foolishly continue traveling in worsening conditions. I doubt that you would have to sit out more than a day or so for any storm you might encounter, so make up your mind beforehand that such a thing might happen and that you'll find a way to enjoy the extra day of rest if it does.


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