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    Hi guys!

    My husband and I are planning on doing a HUGE road trip either next Spring or Autumn. We are planning on driving LA through Vegas to Colorado, then down to Miami and all the way up to NYC! We know its huge, but have put aside 45 days to do it in. Does anyone know if this sounds like a long enough time? Also need a one page map of the USA with the main cities in each state, not hugely detailed that we can download for very basic planning and also a good site with more details and driving distances. Anyone know of one online we can download? Thanks guys ;-)

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    Default Downloadable Maps

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    One of my favorite sources of downloadable (and public domain) maps on the web is the Perry-Castaņeda Library at the University of Texas. Here is where you'll find their maps of the US. For more detailed, on-line planning try some of the interactive sites we recommend.

    You could always make use of more time, but 45 days is plenty to see what you want. You'd be surprised at the number of people who try to do your trip in a week!

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    Default Get a mapping program

    The best thing you could do is to buy a US copy of something like Microsoft Streets and Trips, you can adjust the view to show any level of detail you want from national to street level. If you can't find a way to do that send me a message and maybe I can help.

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    Thanks heaps for the info guys! Very helpful ;-)

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    Default No Rugby Games Here

    I visited you fine country two years ago and really liked the rugby games, especially when you played the two teams from out west. However, I haven't found any rugby on TV here since I've been back, so don't get homesick.

    A New Zealand-Australia matchup has the same rivalry as a Packer-Bear, or White Sox-Cub game. Go All Blacks!!!!! New Zealand's National Team. I really liked when they did the Haka.

    Hope you'll get off the interstates and check out the backroads whenever you can.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. -- RoadDog


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