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  1. Default Los Angeles to Atlanta

    Has anyone driven from LAX to the Northern burbs of ATL before during this time of year? I'm wondering which route would be better. I have two options, both are roughly the same mileage wise.

    Route 1 - I-40 via Flagstaff/ABQ/Little Rock and through Nashville
    Route 2 - I-10 via Phoenix/Tucson/Dallas and I-20 through Birmingham

    Route 1 is shorter than Route 2 by a mere 5 miles and doesn't go through any HUGE cities such as Dallas does in Route 2. On the map, Route 1 is also a much straighter shot. However, I've never driven either.

    Anyone done either/both and/or have a preference? No firm date on my departure yet but probably by the end of Jan.


    - JT

  2. Default Route 1 for pretty scenery

    Although both have their charms, I prefer the I-40 corridor for the scenery.

    But...I have driven I-40 more lately, and for that reason if I were doing this trip right now, I'd probably take Route 2 just for a change.

    Both are good routes.

  3. Default

    Overall, which route would have fewer people travelling on it. I-10 is alot more popular, isn't it?

    - JT

  4. Default

    I don't think you'd notice much difference. Both are heavily used truck routes, but this time of year is one of the lightest for auto traffic.

  5. Default

    From a 'speed run' perspective, I-10 would probably be the smarter route this time of year I guess. I need to be there relatively quickly, not with any pressure attached, just get there as soon as safely possible.

    I've done a few big trips like this but this will be my longest by about 100 miles. Valparaiso Indiana to Malibu, CA in December only stopping twice. One stop was a 40 minute power nap and the other was a 5 hour hotel sleep.

    I'll try to sleep a little more this trip. :wink:

    - JT

  6. Default

    Someone on another forum commented that there is a notorious black ice area (large) on I-40 in Eastern AZ near Holbrook (Hellbrook?). Can you guys here confirm this?

    My plan is to leave So. Cal so that I am in Albuquerque by 4pm'ish. ABQ is right around 13 hours from my departure location and is likely to be my first stop for a decent sleep.


    - JT

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