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    Default Come to Chicago Before The Berhoff's is Gone

    A great and venerable Chicago tradition closes at the end of February. After 106 years, the Berhoff's restaurant is closing its doors for good. Well, actually not for good, but it won't be the same. The bar will remain open, but the only food will be available at banquets.

    This is another example of the kids not wanting to continue on with a family tradition and business, something that happens all too often these days.

    This comes closes on the heels of the demise of Marshall Field's, the great old store that helped usher in the era of department stores over 150 years ago. It will become a Macy's and retain much of its old character, but without the name, it just won't be the same. I have heard that the name will remain on the store for awhile longer.

    So, if you can get to Chicago before the end of February, you might just get to see some real history before it rides off into the sunset forever. I know I'll pay one or more visits.

    For more information, check out these two sites:

    Berghoff''s tributes

    Marshall Field's history

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