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    Default Erie to LA- Couple variables

    Hey folks,

    Absolutely great stuff here. I've been looking all over, but didn't see an answer I was looking for.

    I'll be heading to LA here in a coupla weeks from near Erie PA. I saw several posts suggest get to St. Louis and check weather before deciding north or south route, which is very sensible.
    I will be driving out a rather elderly pick-up truck. It runs fine, and has been throughly checked out by two different places, both of which gave it a thumbs-up.

    My question is which route, the northern or southern would be easier on my vehicle? Is there a distinct elevation difference? Is one way more difficult on a vehicle then the other? Obviously, weather will be a big factor, but all else being even, which will be less of a strain on my vehicle?


  2. Default I suggest I-40

    While your vehicle would probably do OK on any of these routes, the simplest is I-70 out to St Louis then I-44/I-40 the rest of the way. That would probably be my choice for a transcon route if I had any worries about how well my vehicle would handle any grades.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the quick reply and the welcome! Just a great forum.

    So, grading would be best on I-40. I know weather is a huge variable and storms come and go quick. I will indeed be watching the weather closely, but all things considered, is it safe to assume that 40 will also probably get the best weather? (best being relative of course in early January) I would assume that to be the case, but have seen some posters recommending 80 because the crews handle what snow there is much better...

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    That's harder to predict. Depending on weather patterns and the specific storms developing at the time of your trip, any of the main routes (I-10, I-40, I-70 or I-80) could be in good shape or bad shape depending on the weather at any given moment. I would plan for the route you think is the best choice, then deviate at the last minute if you have to.

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