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    Default Road trip form San Fran to L.A.


    I would like to experience the drive on the coast with my wife, from San Fransico to Los Angeles.

    Where do you reccomend we stop and stay on the drive.

    We are going from approx: Dec.24- Jan.3, is there a town in particluar that you would reccomend to stay for New Years Eve.

    What is the weather like? Should we rent a convertible?

    Thank you all!

  2. Default What's the time frame for the trip?

    Welcome to the RTA forum! Do you intend to use the entire time you mention (between the two dates) for this trip, or just part of it? With over a week, you could have an opportunity to see quite a bit along this route. Of course, you could also have a great trip with just a part of these days spent enroute. Let us know what you have in mind and we can give you some suggestions that will fit the plan.

    This time of year can be a bit chilly and wet along the coast road, sometimes cloudy and foggy -- but the California coastal climate is moderate in comparison to other colder areas. Temps can be int he 50s and 60s. It all depends on how "hardy" you both are, whether or not you'd get any "use" out of a rag-top in December. I'd definitely enjoy it with the top down, as long as it wasn't raining, & often with the heater blowing on high! Exhilerating! Bob

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