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    I am moving from NY to San Fran at the end of this week. I have driven cross country before (southern trail NYC to New Orleans to Phoenix to San Diego) but this time i am moving my life and have my dad and my brother for companions.

    What is the safest, fastest route to do this journey and still see a cool site or two along the way. Ideally we'd leave NYC on the 17th and be in SFO no later than the 23rd. We are driving an SUV but out of concerns of weather and time dont want to risk getting caught in any really bad weather conditions. any ideas out there on routes and stops that should be made on this journey? please help as i think they expect me to be the captain of the ship and my dad has never been west of the mississippi....

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    The fastest route is to take the 7 from Jersey City to the 280. Take 280 to until it merges with I-80. Then it's I-80 all the way to SFO.

    This time of year, you would be wise to check weather reports regularly to see if this way is the best way or if you'll want to take some alternate routing.

    This route is 2911 miles and takes an estimated 46 hours to drive. Note: the driving time is the estimated MINIMUM, especially at this time of year, and does not account for traffic delays, weather conditions, etc.

    Covering this many miles in 6 days won't leave much time for sightseeing/exploration. If I were you, I'd simply watch for roadsign signs to scenic vistas and other interesting things to see that are close to the highway as you'll only have time for quick stops.

    Have a safe trip!

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