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    Default Mississippi, Georgia, and S. Carolina

    Okay, so the idea is somewhere warm and pretty. March is the month. We're mainly thinking Georgia, but South Carolina would be nice too. And possibly Mississippi. What parts are the prettiest? Any recommendations? It'll be around Spring Break time, and we want to stay away from partiers. Thanks!

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    Good luck on this one! If the criterion is "warm" -- that's exactly what the Spring Breakers are looking for also. Are you locked into the south east? My suggestion would possibly be Big Bend National Park if you are more centrally located. Bob

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    Since most spring breakers who are looking to party head for some place with beaches, start by taking the opposite tack and avoiding the beach. I can think of at least one place in each of the states you mention that would fulfill your requirements for warm and pretty, so have a look at these and see if they meet your other needs or give you other ideas. Warm Springs, GA is nestled in the southern Appalachians and offers some great hiking in the wooded mountains, restful resorts and a bit of history. Charleston, SC basks in its southern charm and offers a more urban sophistication and a number of beautiful old plantations. the Natchez and Vicksburg, MS area would let you experience the Mississippi River and an antebellum ambience.


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