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    urtod Guest

    Default Washington to Pennsylvania in one week!

    Greetings folks!

    I'm new in here, and I thought I'd give the forum a whirl!

    My husband and I are relocating from Seattle, Washington to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this December.

    We are in the planning process, and my current plan has us going down the I-5 into California, taking the I-40 across the country, and finally swinging back up north through Tennessee and Virginia towards Pennsylvania.

    We would be interested in anyone’s two cents’ worth on our trip, with emphasis on the following:

    -Road conditions
    -Winter driving
    -Towing while it’s snowing
    -Driving across the country
    -Driving across the country with two bone-head-dogs
    -Driving across the country when you have to make sissy every 20 miles

    Any and all advice is welcome. Many thanks, and happy trails to you all!


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    RoadTripper Brad Guest


    Unless you're sightseeing, going all that way south seems needlessly out of the way, and needlessly crossing more passes. I would suggest taking I-90 all the way across to I-35, joging south to miss some troll (toll) roads, and getting to PA sans a thousand miles.

    Uncle Bob has some great tips on driving in the snow, which there will no doubt be a link to in the next few minutes from him.

    As far as the animals, pack exceptionally well for them. Items to keep them warm, such as extra blankets, at the ready, water and plenty of it, and as you mentioned, frequent rest stops... not so that they can answer the call of nature, but so they can get out, stretch the legs, sniff around, and just be dogs. Also remember ventilation is very important even in winter, and it may seem aukward, but that may include cracking a window by them (just about a half of a CM) to keep some air circulating in their area.

    As far as the barking... that will settle down once they realize that you aren't listening to them and they decide to just sleep.

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    urtod Guest


    Well you see, the reason I got the bright idea to head so far south is to avoid the inevitable blizzards, and thereby avoid delays as much as possible.

    My friends reported snow in Montana starting last month, and the blizzard in the news from Thanksgiving was just one more snow report that scared me south.

    Do you really think that we could take the I-90 all the way across without facing long delays?

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest


    As with all winter weather, it's hit and miss. You could take I-90 and hit a blizzard, and you could also take I-40 and get stuck in a snow bank outside Flagstaff after hitting compact snow and ice. I really do think you can take I-90 all the way across with no problems, as truckers and long-haulers do it all the time year round, and they are dealing with much more machine than you.

    Since from your other post, I take it you're a CB user, make sure it has NOAA weather radio, and keep an eye on the weather. Web-enabled cell phones will also get you lots of info, and the best receiption usually is along interstates.

    Just take it slow and keep an eye out. 90% of roadtripping is just paying attention to things, like weather, drivers... the fact that you left your cooler in your living room with all that bologna... that sort of thing. If it starts to snow, don't panic...

    But, again, yes, I think you should be able to make it across without major delays... maybe just a few hours at worst I figure.

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    urtod Guest


    Many thanks for your suggestions CascadiaBrad! You're so right - we could totally hit snow anywhere we go, and it sure would be nice to shave that extra 1000 miles off... we'll have to give it some thought...

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