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    Default driving from Houston to Henderson NV with pets

    Do you know if there are motels that allow pets in these routes? I-10 and I-93. We need to travel by car next week from Houston to Henderson. Thank you. Dalia.

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    Default Plenty of options

    Quote Originally Posted by dalitava
    Do you know if there are motels that allow pets in these routes? I-10 and I-93. .
    Dalia, Sure, there are hundreds of motels between Houston and Henderson that accept and welcome pets. One thing, I believe you are considering traveling along US-Hwy 93 (between Phoenix and Henderson) there is no Interstate 93 in that area. Here are a couple of guidebooks related to pet-travel and I used the PetFriendly website and loaded Houston as the start and Henderson as the finish and found scores and scores of listed motels and these only scratch the surface.

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    Greetings! While I havenít traveled the areas youíll be traversing, I have had good luck finding pet-friendly rooms with Best Western (at least, traveling the west coast) which were reasonably priced (most were about $99/night plus a $10 per-pet-per-night pet deposit).

    I recommend calling hotels ahead of time to confirm their pet-friendliness. Sometimes hotels are very specific about the size/breed of animal (I have two huge dogs, so itís important to me that the hotel allows the big fellas in).

    Have fun! My pups adore road tripping!

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