Okay, my boss at work handed down some new vacation guidelines for members of the management team, and well, also decided to extend that to the 2 Administrative Assistants, since we can't both be off at the same time. SO, I have to declare, if I want, my 7 day block of time off now. I definately want to. Usually when I take a week off, I pack my bags and head on over to Sky Harbor to fly up to Central Washington to visit family/friends. This year, I can't afford airline tickets, mainly because in order to get a good price, I have to buy them well in advance. So, here's my idea. Rather than deal with the hassles of airline tickets and flights and such, just taking a roadtrip... my first leisure trip. No speed run, just moseying along the road. A week, the state of Arizona, and a few months to save up for it.

Here's the details: I plan to take July 17-21, in adition to the 24th off. The weekends are already included, so the total time frame would be July 15 through July 24 (being I have to be back in Phoenix that last day).
My 'rendezvouz': An SCA event in Flagstaff, called the Highland War. It runs from the late evening Friday the 21st through early morning on Monday the 24th. It is a camping event, and consists of both a medival war, merchants row, and etc. Last year it was held at Fort Tuthil, just outside Flagstaff. It is great fun!

My roommate won't know if he will be able to get that much time off, or even that weekend off, until later, so right now I am planning it solo.

So I know where I want to end up, but I'm not sure exactly how I want to get there. I definately want to run Old 66 between Topock and Ash Fork. I haven't been to Lake Havasu and the London Bridge since I was 5, so I wouldn't mind seeing that. Being that so far my plans put me near Ash Fork and AZ 89, I was thinking taking a detour south to Prescott, and then up the Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff and ending up at my final destination there. But, then again, the Grand Canyon is right up the road the oposite direction.

I want to do this as inexpensive as possible, so I don't want to spend much in the way of lodging, and at this moment, the only camping gear I have is a tent. I somewhat plan on staying at a Motel 6 or something for the first night in Kingman. If anyone knows of any state/county/federal camp grounds near prescott/sedona, etc. that aren't too packed, too expensive, and have plenty of tall stand Pines (I can't camp without trees).

I was also considering camping a few days, even solo, near Mormon Lake, just to take my mind off of everything.

Right now, even with the 'changes' Ive made in writing this, here's my plan:
Day 1: Phoenix to Kingman via US 60, AZ 72, AZ 95, Rte 66. (Motel)
Day 2: Kingman to Prescott via Rte 66, AZ 89. (Motel)
Day 3: Prescott to Mormon Lake via AZ 89A and FH3

Thats all I have so far. I'm new to "leisure" trips, so trying to plan legs based on also stopping and seing stuff versus just driving directly is somewhat out of my expertise.

Mark, Bob, Buck or Anyone have any suggestions on changes to the route, must-see's, or anyone in the area want to make a Rendezvouz out of the Highland War in Flagstaff, let me know what you have to say.

Thanks for your help guys!