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    Default Trip from Toronto to Arizona

    I'm planning to visit a friend in Phoenix leaving Toronto on December 26 and returning in early January. I want to drive because (a) they really jack plane fares up over the holiday season and (b) I've always wanted to go on a reeally long road trip to see the countryside and really feel the trip... you don't get the sense that you're crossing the continent in a plane.

    My car is a tiny 5-year-old 4-cylindar Toyota and is reliable and very good on gas. I'm looking for a travelling companion (or two) to make the trip more fun, to split the gas and, ideally, to help with some of the driving. I'm very easygoing, calm and laid back. I am a non-smoker. My budget is as tight as the next person's but not razor thin. Ideally I'd like to do the trip in three 14 hour days each day. Accomodations: cheap hotel (eg. Motel 6). Solo female, or couple preferred. Dogs and/or kids are OK.

    If you live in Southern Ontario or Western New York and want to get out to Arizona for a New Year's break contact me and we can talk further. I'm at

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    I would caution you to budget more days. Three 14-hour days is pretty darn tough. If you get traveling companions to share the driving, it might be do-able but, if you're the only driver, it is unlikely that you'll be able to maintain safe, alert driving over that many hours.

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