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    Default HELP! Chicago to San Diego by Turkey Day!

    I live in Chicago. I just took a new job in southern Cali and beginning my drive very early (4am) on 11/20. I want to arrive by 11/23 evening so I can get there for Turkey Day. I understand that the Rockies just got hit with snow recently but all forecasts for the next 5 days indicate nothing out of the ordinary. I contemplated taking the old route 66 route to be safe but I think I'd like to try a route from CHI to LA recommended by Bob the forum moderator. This route is 3 trips... I-80 from Chicago to Big Springs, NE (day 1), I-80/76/70 Big Springs, NE to St. George, UT (day 2) and I-70/15 St. George, UT to Bonsall, CA (north SD county); my destination. Another friend of mine recommended staying on I-80 and going through southern Wyoming and around to Salt Lake City, then on down... is this better? How do my three choices compare?

    I hope someone has time to respond... I leave in just a few days...
    thanks so much!

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    Welcome to the forum.

    All things equal, I'd do your first choice. The Salt Lake route is about 50 miles more, and the I-70 route across Colorado is going to be beautiful. You could do I-40 too -- but the I-70 route is more scenic in my opinion. Bob

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    Im very interested in this Thread as there is a possibility I will be needing to do the drive from Chicago to Los Angeles and so Im assuming it would be a very similar route for me also.

    Im from Australia and I am not familiar with your roads and weather conditions at this time of year (as it is summer here and I know it is winter over there).

    Id appreciate your input and help on what to expect on the conditions In the middle of it dangerous?

    Sorry if it sounds ignorant of me to ask this.


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    Default Timing and Weather

    I'm a bit confused. You say that you have four days (the 20th through the 23rd inclusive) to make the trip, but lay out doing it in three. It is probably just within the realm of reason to do it in three days, but it means doing a good 700 miles per day, which even many experienced roadtrippers find a bit taxing. There have been previous threads on these forums discussing the relative benefits of pre-booking motel rooms versus just looking for something at the end of the day. Your trip, I think, is one of those where winging it makes sense. You'll be on major through highways with plenty of travelers' services, so availability should not be a major concern, and not having set stopping points each night will let you put an end to a day when you get tired or the weather turns nasty. So, I guess what I'm saying is to start out with the possibility of doing the trip in three days, but don't be surprised or disappointed if it takes you four.

    Mark and cosmic:
    There are resources here on RoadTrip America that will connect you to real time road and weather conditions.


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    Iplaye9 Guest


    Thanks all!
    I have made arrangements to take the I-70 route and have numbers for various hotels etc... I should be in western NE by Sunday night, and SW Utah by Monday Night.... I can get to San Diego by Tuesday evening...but as mentioned... I have a whole extra day if I need it and still get there for Turkey & Tryptophan Day!

    have a great holiday...
    drive safely!

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    cosmicTRIP Guest


    Thanks for the link AZBuck.

    Good Luck Mark, drive safetly dude!

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