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    Default Summer Trip : State College, PA to Vegas

    Good day all;

    I am looking to take a 10 day road trip with my wife, starting in State College, Pennsylvania and going 4 Days to somewhere! I hope we can get to Vegas!

    We'll stay 2 days whereever we are and then we'll take 4 days to come home.

    Where should I go? What Roads? What sights, ETC.

    LOL, I have never traveled on the ground West of PA. I want to see the Sights and Sounds of America! Anyone have any ideas for me? I have plenty of time to plan.

    PS: I drive a 2005 Harley Wide Glide

    Thanks for your thoughts and your time!


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    GuyGrim Guest


    I thought I would add a little more:

    What do I want to see?

    1. The plains of the Midwest (fields and farms of America)
    2. Mount Rushmore
    3. Wyoming (Why, I dunno!)
    4. The Red Rocks of Arizona / New Mexico
    5. Our Awesome National Parks
    6. Traditional American Towns (Little homes with White Picket Fences, proudly displaying the American Flag, etc.)

    It probably is not possible to see everything that I want to see. That will just require me to take another trip.

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    If you decide on Mt. Rushmore then make it to Sturgis, SD where they have the annual motorcycle rally.

    Wyoming...Devils Tower National Monument, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park and beautiful mountain scenery between the two.

    If you want red rock country then hit Utah's national parks, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce and Zion. From Denver take I-70 which is a very scenic drive to Cisco, Utah and take Hwy 128 into Moab, Utah to see Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Then take Hwy 191 north to I-70, then Hwy 24 down to Hanksville and Capitol Reef National Park. From Torrey, Utah take scenic hwy 12 down to Bryce Canyon National Park and then Hwy's 12, 89 and 9 into Zion National Park. Las Vegas is just a fast 3 hours from Zion.

    If you head home on I-40 you can find a lot of the old Route 66 to drive from Arizona to Oklahoma City. My favorite section is between Oatman, AZ and Kingman, AZ. You really get a feel for what the old route use to be like.

    Your trip sounds like an adventure!


  4. Default Iron Butt Rider?

    I'm a long distance motorcycle rider and I don't think you'll make Las Vegas in 4 days on a motor -- not with your marriage intact anyway. Most average riders stick to about 400 miles per day. At this rate, you could make Sturgis -- or Denver -- (one or the other) and not much else.

    If you are an experienced long distance rider already, then forgive me for adding my two cents. But those kind of miles (in 4 days) are for asphalt zealots only. Las Vegas is over 2300 mi from where you are, so that'd be almost 600 miles per day.

    You could add some time to get where you want -- or limit your destinations. Just my opinion.

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    GuyGrim Guest


    LOL Bob!

    What do you mean Vegas is 2300 miles away? It is only like 4 inches away from Pennsylvania on my Atlas! surely, I could do 1 inch per day!

    Seriously, that is to long a haul:(

    My wife and I were starting to look at the Great Lakes Tour that the HOG puts on each year. Her Mom, who resides on my mantle, grew up on Mackinaw Island. I think we may take that trip so my wife can see some long lost family and to spread my Mother-in-Laws ashes all over the island. LOL, I never thought I would get my Mother-In-Law on my motorcycle.

    One other trip is to head down to Nashville and travel the Appalachian Mountain Roads. That may be some fun:)

    We'll stay in touch!

  6. Default Little atlas!

    Either idea sounds like a good one -- I'd like to do both myself. I spent some summers on the UP -- on the Keeweenaw Peninsula and also Whitefish Bay, although I was too little to remember that area (Sault Ste Marie) at all now. I'd like to do the loop around Superior too.

    Maybe see you on the road someday! Bob

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    I think I've recommended the Blue Ridge Parkway in about half of my ten posts to this point LOL Seriously, it's a popular destination for motorcyclists for a reason. The twisty mountain roads of NC might be better suited to a sport bike (or at least a solo rider), but Skyline Drive and the Parkway and the surrounding areas are "must travel" roads for anyone.
    Have you taken a ride down to York to see the Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations Center and Factory Tour? It makes a great day trip :)

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