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    I've used Avis, Hertz and Dollar at various times and from various locations. Never had any problems with any of them and I think it's fair to say, we do tend to really hammer the cars, but have never had a word said to us about anything (including a busted gearbox in Toronto!) I don't recall the taxes though, I'm afraid, but I'll definately keep an eye out next time.

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    Last time I rented a car was from Avis here in town. I rented a Cadillac DTS for a wedding - one day rental. The rental was $99.00, the total bill was $106.75. No fees here, just normal sales tax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadTripper 912 View Post
    I am sure there will be other people who had a great experience with Budget, but I simply am not one of them...
    Hi Cali,

    Glad to say, I am one of them.

    I have on three occasions rented from Budget - one day Rocklin CA > San Jose CA (2001); two days San Jose > LAX (2004). Neither cost was excessive - though right now I cannot remember exactly what they were... I recall the two day rental was around $86.

    In 2004 I also rented a vehicle from Budget, Seattle, for 28 days, unlimited miles, which cost me a smidgin over $1000.00. That car went up the Sea to Sky Highway, to Prince George, Smithers, Whitehorse, Anchorage, Seward, Fairbanks all of the Alaska Hwy, Icefields Parkway and via Kamloops, back to Seattle.

    An hour after picking up the car, I had a minor accident, and within hours the vehicle was replaced. I was not charged for the replacement, or the very very minor damage. And to top it off, I had been upgraded from a small car to a medium sedan at no extra cost.

    It was a great deal, the service was excellent. Only complaint I have is that I was not able to rent for six or seven weeks, to have a bit more time for sightseeing.

    Lifey who hopes to get back to Alaska in 2009

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    Interesting...Is there any final conclusion about the most inexpensive ways to rent a car?

    A list of the cheapest states, taking into account both actual cost and all the taxes and Insurance?

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    Default nope

    The only final conclution is that there is no one sized fits all answer.

    Even a state-by-state breakdown wouldn't do much good because many "tourist" taxes and fees on rental cars are specific to cities, metro-areas, or even individual airports.

    You just have to shop around

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    Default Other variabilities

    I believe there is also going to be differences in cost based on what is going on in the area. If it's the high-tourist season, cars are probably going to cost more than if they're searching for customers. Since this varies from one area to another, month-to-month, and there may be local anomalies that increase prices for a short period of time (things like the big balloon festival in Albuquerque, for example) that means the prices will keep changing.

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    I think that where many people used to rent from one car rental brand, exclusively, more and more people are comparison shopping and will go with whatever company will give them what they want, for that particular rental. For some it's price, some vehicle type, and for some it's the level of customer service they recieve. Sometimes those priorities change from rental to rental. You generally go with Company A for business rentals, but will only use Company B, C or D for leisure rentals or vacation.

    Car rental companies cannot bank on brand loyalty from their customers without providing the products and services to back it up.

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    You will also find widely varying levels of customer service from one office to another even with the same company. When I was living up in the Chicago area, I used to get great service from the local Enterprise office, but the Enterprise office down here sucks. I've switched to Avis here.

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    I worked for two rental car companies while in college and have rented many cars since in 10-15 states, but I have little loyalty. I go for the best price, sticking with bigger companies because I want the convenience of having my car replaced relatively easier in case of breakdown or such. I've typically rented for one day to one week, declining insurance because my own auto coverage and credit card offer protection. Rates vary widely no matter the company, based on supply and demand. At the rental companies I worked for, we would call all competitors each day to check prices and adjust as needed. Airport locations are often more expensive in metro areas, I've found. Unless there's a specific reason that I need a larger car, I always reserve the smallest car possible. More often than not, they don't have a compact available and I get an upgrade free. When I request a car, I try to make sure it has a trunk, so my bags and such are hidden.

    When going to town knowing demand will be high, I try to reserve a car at two separate companies, provided I don't have to give my credit card number. I do that because one of the rental companies I used to work for (a huge chain) routinely overbooked people every summer weekend because every call that went to the 800 number would be booked, without knowledge of local car supply. That meant that, on many weekends, angry customers would stand in line for hours waiting for the few cars available and those yet to be returned.

    When renting at airports, I tend to avoid Enterprise and other smaller companies because they're sometimes inconviently located away from the airport (you take a shuttle or call for a van ride). I don't like the delay. I also don't like that some of the smaller companies aren't open 24 hours at airports. If I take a late flight that is delayed, I stand the chance of the rental car company closing before I actually get to pick up my car, forcing me to pay walk-up prices at a competitor.

    If money is tight and you expect to buy insurance from the rental company, I'd suggest you comparison shop those rates along with the rental costs. Some companies really stick it to customers on insurance, though their rental rates are lower. In the end, you might pay more than you would've elsewhere.

    At one of the rental companies I worked at, all employees had to join the Teamsters, were paid relatively well and had insurance benefits even as part-timers, which is why I worked for them. I mention this in case some people are interested in supporting such business practices.

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    I booked my car for 31/8 untill 25/09 and therefore I payed 585 € (around 820 $). I think this is a fair price. Above all the company told me that there are no extra charges at all. I did my reservation via and I will be renting with Alamo.

    So fingers crossed, that I won't meet any surprises when I arrive...


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