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    Hi All,

    First and foremost compliments to those responsible for this great resource!

    I am a 30yo Aussie and planning a trip with a mate to the US in September. We are planning on doing a road trip from Nashville to Las Vegas and i am after any advice or comments from someone with more knowledge of the trip then we presently have. The rough plan as it stands is to travel along I40 from Nashville allowing a travel time of 6nights/7 days. Ideally i would prefer to drive in the mornings (say 4-5 hours) then spent the afternoons exploring our locations. Is this realistic in terms of timeframe? Happy to do the miles but don't want to spend all day driving if you know what i mean. We will be hiring a vehicle from Nashville and have discovered the wonderful world of "Drop Fees" for one way rentals, i have managed to get a vehicle for around $1200USD for the week including insurance/drop fees etc which i think is reasonable but would be keen to hear peoples thoughts on this.

    Any suggestions on places to spend the 6 nights, Memphis/Amirillo/Grand Canyon are 3 ideas but am also keen to stay in smaller towns along the way to gain a different expereince from that of the bigger cities.

    Could someone also clarify the route 66 V I40, from what i can gather the I40 replaced route 66 but i assume that some of the travel will still include parts/sights of the old route 66?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post and will be grateful for any tips/advice/comments!


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    Default Just right.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Over a period of 7 days the travel time works out perfect for your 4/5 hours a day of driving, plus any detours for sight seeing you may do. Memphis would be a natural first stop [any Elvis fans] but it's best to look at the map and do a little research to find places of interest to you and adjust your drive times and stops accordingly. You might get a couple of hours driving done, a stop for a few hours and then another 2 or 3 hours on the move. You could get off Interstate around Santa Fe / Albuquerque and head to the Four corners region and through the famous Monument valley on route to the Grand canyon. Of course detours like this will need more time behind the wheel and you will have to decide if it is worth it for you.

    Route 66 was decommissioned years ago but there are old sections to be found, one of the longest is through Seligman to Kingman between Grand canyon and Vegas.

    Have a search of the RTA pages where you will find lot's of info and let us know if you have any other questions.

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    i worked out a basic 1 week for a small car from dollar rental nashville to las vegas as $300 aud? also if you want to do large distances with minimum driving. then one alternative is to get a muti-stop flight. ie fly to nashville to Memphis. then fly to say jackson Wyoming do yellowstone then fly into oklahma city then drive down interstate 40 to arizona then to vegas. The best bit i like driving is route 66 Seligman to peach springs. check out roadside america. com for some cool sight seeing. Or you could drive from nashville to vegas in a rv/camper.

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    I am looking to do this trip the other way Vegas to Nashville, do you have any tips?

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    This thread is more than 4 years old, and that poster hasn't been on the forum since 2012. It's rather unlikely you'll get a response. Look to the thread you created for fresh information that's specific to your trip.

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