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    Default D.C. to southern CA during Thanksgiving

    Hi all,

    I am planning to drive from D.C. to southern CA during the week of Thanksgiving. My planned routes are through I-270, 70, 44, 40..., will go through the following states PA, OH, IN, IL, MI, OK, TX, NM, AZ. So far, I am planning to stop at the St. Louis gateway, Carlsbad Carvern in NM, and Sedona in AZ. Is it ok or good idea to visit Carlsbad Cavern and Sedona during this time? Any suggestion for other site seeings, national parks along these routes?

    I am from southern CA, do you think if this is ok time to drive especially it is closed to winter? Worry about snow, thunder storms, fog, etc? Speedtrap states?


  2. Default What about Grand Canyon?

    Welcome to the RTA forum! There is always the chance of running into an early winter storm at this time of year but this wouldn't stop me from making the trip.

    Why not include a visit to the Grand Canyon along the way. Personally, I'd prefer that by far over Sedona. Sedona is a beautiful area, but is over run with tourist culture (shopping, arts, etc, similar to Santa Fe). And it is expensive. It'll be fine if you enjoy that, and it is a beautiful place to see, unlike any other. But the Canyon is a MUST!

    You won't need to worry about "speed traps" if you keep your speed reasonable.


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