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    Default From Chicago, Westward. Need Ideas.

    Alright. I'm planning a trip from Chicago, IL, with the eventual destination being Los Angeles, CA. My goal is more or less a direct drive, but I'd like to know some entertaining detours or destinations for college students of drinking age. Anyone have any ideas on a route/detours? Thanks in advance.

  2. Default A detour or two

    College age detours? Check out the nightlife in the neighborhood! Oklahoma State University. Stillwater, OK. Or, Flagstaff AZ and Northern Arizona University.

    Also, Santa Fe is an interesting place to check out.

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    If you take the Interstates, the drive can be monotonous. On a trip from L.A. to South Dakota, some of the more interesting times were on the smaller roads that travel through small towns. However, if you're in a hurry, the interstates can't be beat.

    Also, what do you mean about "detours"? Big cities, national parks?

    Also, how much time do you have?
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    just interesting little stops, like famous bars, the occasional interesting natural wonders, etc. the trip there shouldn't last more than a week with a quick drive back home,

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    Default some ideas

    Its a pretty solid 4 day drive from Chicago to LA, so there's not a lot of time for detours if you've only got a week.

    Here would be my 3 top ideas.

    1 - Follow the path of Route 66. That would give you places to stop like St. Louis and the Arch, Tulsa, which actually has pretty good nightlife and is home to one of my favorite gentleman's clubs, Amarillo, while its not an overly impressive town, it still is Texas and a unique experience, Albuqurque, Flagstaff, and if you want to detour, stops at the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

    2 - Head to St. Louis, but then take I-70 across. Stop in KC or even better Lawrence, KS. Lawrence is an excellent college town, escpecially if you're into live music. Head onto Denver, or go north to Boulder and cut back down to I-70 after a trip through Rocky Mtn. N.P. You can also make stops at Arches or Zion NP on your way to Vegas and onto LA.

    3 - Basically the same as 2, but instead of heading to I-70, Cut across on I-80. Iowa City, Ames, and Lincoln are good college towns on the way, or you could also stop in Omaha which is surprisingly fun city considering its in Nebraska. My favorite stop in Omaha is the Ranch Bowl, its one of the midwest's best rock music clubs, and its a bowling alley. From there either cut down to Denver on I-76 or if you're going to Boulder and RMNP go into Wyoming and then south on I-25, before continuing on I-70 towards Las Vegas.

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