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    ebialyk Guest

    Default Driving to Alaska

    I'm driving to Alaska in early november. looking for someone to share gas and the trip.....message me if you're interested!!

  2. Default Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I wish I could go -- to Alaska! November may be a little chilly up that way though. Hope you find someone to share it with. Bob

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    Yeah, I'm driving there in the upcoming summer, anybody wants to share the gas, let me know.

  4. Default sherylp

    I am working in Denali this summer. I drove up last summer and the drive was beautiful. I live in Ohio. I might be willing to share ride and expenses with someone. I drove one of my cars up last summer and left it there for future trips, so I won't have another car to take up. I have to be in Anchorage by the 8th of June. Write if you are interested in company.

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    Default I wanna go too!

    Quote Originally Posted by sheryl P
    I drove up last summer and the drive was beautiful.
    I just got my annual Alaskan Highway buzz from reading this year's Milepost. Hope you have a lovely drive!


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