Well, I figured it's about time I get back on here and post something!

The colors are abundant, though it does not appear to be peak here in central MA. By the roadsides and waterways are many reds and oranges, but the sun has not shone since last Friday (it is now Thursday), and is not expected to return until at least Sunday.

I have not been able to travel much beyond the Worcester area, and cannot give field reports, though after you read the following, you will understand why:

NH received significant rainfall over the past weekend, and many roads have either been closed or washed away, such as NH-123 from Alstead to Marlow. Keene had four to six feet of water, and it is this region which was hit the hardest. There was roughly 11 inches in a twenty-four hour period during the weekend, and the rain has continued to fall. Many bridges may be unstable, and some dams are being kept under close watch for failures.

Most of the region is under flood warning. Where I live, we had major flooding in 1955 which prompted major reengineering of the primary highway and river way, and thus far it is performing admirably.

Please check ahead for alternate routes before finalizing any travel plans in the area...I wish I had better news.