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    brewstergirl24 Guest

    Default Massachusetts to Az

    Planing a road trip from MA TO AZ
    wondering where NOT to stay plannong on making it in 3 days
    dont need to stay in motel Havre truck with cap
    plan on just stoppin here and there OR maybe at a hotel or 2
    any help is appreciated
    Ive done this before and know Amarillo Tx has expensive Lodging .....Thanks again

    brewstergirl24..Cape Cod Ma

  2. Default 3 days?

    Tall order, and if you are driving alone, in my opinion you're taking risks (from a fatigue standpoint). This is 2700 miles, and 37 hours of driving time. The average driver would take (closer to) 50 hours over 5 days on the road to run this distance including gas stops and breaks. So just for the record, if you are ONE driver, I don't recommend your planned schedule.

    Your stops for three days would fall about Richmond, Indiana and Elk City or Erick, OK.

    I have not had difficulty finding inexpensive lodging in Amarillo, although at this point I don't remember where I stayed when I was last there (it's not usually a stopping point for me). But you could find a state park in either of these areas (or even a commercial campground) where you can probably sleep in your truck, or find a Mom and Pop in Richmond or Elk City that wouldn't be too expensive (usually $25 to $40 range isn't too hard to find, if you're not too picky). This time of year, there's no need for reservations anyway. Bob

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    brewstergirl24 Guest


    Thanks alot for info
    There will be 2 of us and wanna drive as far as possible in order to get there
    and then get back
    Any super kool things we could stop and see??
    Thanks again

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