Ok I know I am asking a lot but need some advice.. I will be going to Vegas for 4 days for work in early November. I was thinking of incorporating a trip to the Grand Canyon while there cause my girlfriend may come with me. Given that I am thinking about heading out about a week early with her in order to do some roadtripping..

So my original plan, fly into Vegas, get a vehicle and drive to the Grand Canyon. I wanted to go to the North Rim then the South figured take a day or two so we had some time to check everything out. Now from what I understand the North maybe closed or at least there will be nothing more to do other then see it in Early November (no real services in the area). Anyone know if this is the case? Also have people that have been there think getting to the North in the Morning then heading to the South later in the day would be best? We would like to do some hiking but based on temperature don't think we will be doing to much other then maybe a short hike.

So that was the original plan... However my girlfriend has never been out west so I started to think about ways to incorporate going to San Francisco for a nite or two and/or napa for a nite or two. Can someone tell me how reasonable this is?

Also anyone know if there are affordable 1 way rentals cause I was thinking maybe fly into SFO, spend 2 or 3 days in that area then drive to Vegas and or straight to the Canyon then back to Vegas and fly home from there.. Also I hear roads from Northern CA to Vegas maybe closed in early November? I have never done this drive as I have always flown from CA to NV.

Basically at this point looking for advice cause there are a lot of options and I am not sure on travel times etc.. Any help would be great..