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    Anyone familiar with the border search process?

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    I've only walked across the border at TJ, but I'm quite certain the free zone you refered to extends at least 10 miles, if not further into Baja. I do know the line to return to the US in a car especially can be extremely long and most of the time its actually easier to take the light rail to the border and either walk across or pay 1 dollar to for a bus to take you to "downtown" TJ.

    The one time I crossed the Mexican border in a car (near Douglas AZ), the looked through the trunk, and let us continue. We didn't even have to get out of the car. Of course, its a case by case situation pretty much up to the Whims of the border guards. Coming back from Canada, I've had them pull out and go through all of my bags.

    As far as the Cubans go, have whoever you buy them from put them in a Dominican wrapper/tube. There's really no way for customs to know the difference, and its far less likely to get you in trouble than by "creatively hiding" them in your car somewhere. There are limits to how many of any kind of tobacco you can bring back though, it works out to 1 carton of cigs, but I'm not sure what it is for cigars. I'd guess one box would be the limit.

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    I seem to remember the number 100, either 100 dollars or 100 cigars, as the limit on non-Cuban Mexican import cigars.

    Thank you Midwesterner for your input.

    ANYONE ELSE have some opinions on this? Surely The Editor has been to Mexico and back, maybe he knows quite what they put you through. Just want to know.

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